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Dec 14, 2011


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Seems like even churches are getting in on the gimmicks...trying to use them to attract people, just like marketing a store would use. Sad. I've never come across an Orthodox church using gimmicks, only old-fashioned...the traditional and simple way do attract some not caught up in this modern way of life. And some who are....like the reprieve it brings!


I just started reading your book--and am enjoying it so much that I hate to think of finishing it, so am glad you also have a blog! I so appreciate that someone is delving into these topics from a Christian perspective.
As I was scrolling through, this post title caught my eye immediately. Our church gives fast food coupons to people in need of a meal--and although this sounds like a nice idea on the surface, I object to that practice also. I realize that fast food is popular. But I also think that what we give away should reflect our values--and care of creation and care of the health of people we are trying to help should be part of that.

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