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Dec 15, 2011


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Kasey Minnis

Thank you for the interesting perspective. I'd like to clarify that I feel veganism is the best, not the only, option. The scriptures are clear that our food choices are a matter of conscience. "All things are lawful," as I quoted Paul.

My goal was to help people examine their consciences in light of the scriptures that are relevant to the topic, not to dictate what their conscientious choice should be. I feel strongly that a vegan diet brings one closer to communion with God, but recognize that other's mileage may vary.


Kasey, I'm glad you make that clarification. I'm one whose mileage varies, but I also think that these days of big box, fast food, and general laziness have desensitized our consciences to how we ought to be stewards of God's creation.

Back in the day, you had to own animals, raise them, care for them, and then even offer the best one to the Lord. Then you could eat your part, but even then you had to do all the work. And you had to use everything.

I think there was probably a much bigger respect for animals (and even plants) when people practiced farming not as a job but as a matter of fact.

But these days we've been allowed to take everything for granted, at least in the developed nations. That's another reason I like fasting as a spiritual discipline: it makes me appreciate more what God gives me.

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