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Apr 18, 2012


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Stephen M

I like your approach, we need to display grace at all times. However, it's tough not to condemn things (in fact, it's probably appropriate to criticize and stand against those who knowingly engage in things that are evil. Production of fois gras is pretty gruesome, unquestionably cruel, and it's all done for taste! I find that incredibly selfish, and worthy of criticism.

We seem to treat these issues as just preference, but I would argue that animal cruelty is sin, and should be treated as such. And we cannot absolve ourselves by claiming we are merely consumes. Yes we're all sinners in a bad system, but are we trying to be better when we know certain practices are evil? That's the question I think needs to be asked.

Your explorations in this area are great though. I'm glad for those looking into these things from God's perspective.

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